Windows 10 with Aero graphical interface

by Tony Hill on April 29, 2015

Powerful graphic interface Aero is definitely one of the better features of the operating system Windows 7. Therefore, it is not surprising that Microsoft integrated Aero graphical interface into the upcoming operating system Windows 10, that is, in the Start menu and applications bar. It will be included in a new experimental version of Windows 10, which will be available for users before the end of the May, as the final version is likely to be ready in the second half of July.

Digital assistant Cortana has also undergone significant changes. It is now even more convenient for searching and it is now also possible to use it in full size. Even the edges of the windows have been slightly modified so that the whole is more attractive and interesting to look at and of course useful. Among the most notable changes in the interface can also be found in the possibility of setting transparent colors, option than only users of the mobile operating system Windows Phone had so far.

Windows 10 will be available upon release in 190 countries worldwide. Microsoft will almost certainly immediately after the release of free Windows, start to offer the so-called freemium software to its users. Freemium software means that software is free, but for a small fee you will receive advanced options.

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