Will Google cancel Gmail?

by Tony Hill on December 10, 2015

Newspaper Forbes recently announced that Google started to notify its Gmail users about trial mailbox named Inbox by Gmail. New experimental e-mail client is available from following website https://inbox.google.com/ and some users have already been offered the possibility to replace Gmail with new Inbox by Gmail.

Many Inbox users are reporting that Google started with shift to Inbox a long time ago, but it seems that this time, they want to offer it to a wider range of users. Therefore, it is likely only a matter of time before it will replace 11 years old gui of Gmail.

New Gmail by Inbox has all the chances to replace old Gmail as it brings new look to e-mails. All e-mail messages within web browsers are displayed as cards, wherein each message is accompanied with additional information. In addition, new e-mail client Inbox by Gmail is more transparent, easier to use and offers advanced features for managing emails.

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