Google Chrome with Material Design
Google Chrome has not undergone any major redesign in the last couple of years, but the waiting is now over, as programmers have prepared new Chrome for Chrome OS. Google Chrome for desktops got a new graphic design, which until now only users of mobile Chrome for Android and iOS got.

Facebook now has a wider range of emotional responses
Facebook users have complained for quite some time, that merely liking tells too little about their opinion or post. At the beginning of last September, Zuckerberg first said that they will add other emotional responses, so now we got a new set of icons, to make communication on Facebook easier.

New and improved Outlook.com
Microsoft enriched popular web service Outlook.com with new features that will take you over. They should be available to all users, no later than by the end of February. With them this popular web client will gain much usefulness.

Wired against Ad blocking
Ads enable free access to web content and are in some cases even useful, if they are not too intrusive. Because it is not always so, users increasingly use AdBlock Plus, which blocks ads from appearing on web pages and videos. So, it is not surprising, that one of the most popular free tools for blocking unwanted ads exceeded 500 million transfers.

Pirate Bay now with streaming video
Popcorn Time became quickly popular between movie watchers, as it offered simple access to movies through P2P network, even though content was from the perspective of copyright more or less controversial.

Picture in Picture for Desktop YouTube
YouTube for Mobile had option to play video, while browsing content for some time now. Since "Picture in Picture" has been really popular between mobile users, it was only a matter of time before desktop version gets it as well. Willy Will made that possible by creating a Google Chrome Picture in Picture (Beta) extension.

We will soon be able to write longer tweets
Have you ever felt the need to write more on Twitter or try to explain something to someone without restrictions? This will soon be possible, as there are rumors, that people at Twitter are thinking about abolition of restrictions on the length of tweets to 140 characters. That would certainly be a big change, since the limit has been present from the very beginning of the establishment of Twitter in 2006.

Google announced the end of passwords
Since stealing of passwords can not be prevented even by using advanced security mechanisms such as firewalls, antivirus solutions and similar, people at Google believe, that they are no longer suitable for identification and access to stored data and online services. So, it is not surprising that its engineers, prepared the first version of open source standard, that will forever eliminate the need to use traditional passwords. It is an open-source standard Google FIDO (Fast Online Identification), which is currently supported by as many as 16 manufacturers worldwide (AMD, Microsoft, VISA, Lenovo, PayPal and others) and 36 products.

Will Google cancel Gmail?
Newspaper Forbes recently announced that Google started to notify its Gmail users about trial mailbox named Inbox by Gmail. New experimental e-mail client is available from following website https://inbox.google.com/ and some users have already been offered the possibility to replace Gmail with new Inbox by Gmail.

Facebook's new tool will help users with a broken heart
Facebook likes to interfere into users private lives and this time it is no different. They have announced a new tool, that will help users with broken heart get over their ex. Tool will be optional and will allow members to delete all photos and inputs published by former partners or lovers.