uTorrent installing program for mining crypto currencies

by Tony Hill on March 11, 2015

uTorrent is a software for file sharing over P2P networks and is very simple to use. It consumes a negligible amount of hard drive and memory in operation, yet offers all the functionality of the classic torrent client.

Nevertheless, its installation is strongly discouraged as it has recently been "secretly" installing software for mining crypto currencies LiteCoin. User was informed during the installation, but most of them did not even notice this extra program due to the rapid process of installation.

The controversial program named Epic Scale made burden on the processor, and thus slightly slowed down the PC, while benefits are only for its author. The latter claims that the "stolen" processor power is meant for good things, such as solving mathematical problems related to weather forecasters, physical simulations and cryptography, including mining crypto currencies.

Although the money obtained in this way is supposed to be donated to charities, this way of action is certainly not consistent with good practice, as users are at least not consciously confirming the install. In addition, uninstall of Epic Scale is practically impossible, therefore, to remove the program users will likely need to re-install the operating system.

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