Small innovations that enrich Windows 10

by Tony Hill on August 9, 2015

Here are some interesting new features in Windows 10.

Quick access in Windows Explorer

File Explorer in Windows 10 got cosmetic makeover. On the first page there are now shortcuts for quick access to the most commonly used folders and recently opened files.

Scaling image on multiple screens

Useful feature for a growing number of those who connect two screens to computer. If one screen has higher resolution than the other, users can now customize each screen resolution separately, so that the size of icons and other elements looks similar on both screens.

Shortcuts with Ctrl now finaly work in a command prompt (CMD)

Command Prompt console (cmd.exe) now understands quick keyboard shortcuts for functions such as Paste (Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert), Copy (Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert) and Mark all (Ctrl + A).

Stopwatch for screenshot capture

In Windows 10 there is present a Snipping tool for capturing screenshots. Now it is possible to start screen capture with stopwatch delayed for up to five seconds. Capturing of the entire screen is of course still possible by simultaneously pressing keys Windows and PrtScr (Print Screen).

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