How to unlock files encrypted by WannaCry for free
It is probably no longer necessary to emphasize that WannaCry ransomware has gotten the reputation as one of the worst ransomware ever made. This is not surprising, as it had affected many organizations in more than 150 countries, and more than 200.000 computers all over the world.

Hackers stole 272 million passwords of email accounts
Experts for information security Hold Security recently revealed one of the biggest thefts of passwords of email accounts. Russian hackers supposedly got access to 272 million of email accounts. Passwords are now for sale on Russian black market, and demand is supposed to be high.

How to unlock files that were encrypted with TeslaCrypt
By the end of last year, a new version of ransom malware TeslyCrypt 2.0 was released. It spreads mainly through email and masks itself as totally innocent message. It encrypts files on victims computers and demands ransom in virtual monetary currency bitcoin.

Malware that targets boot record
Security experts are warning about new malware called "Nemesis", that emerged on web in the beginning of the previous year and presents a real threat to desktop and laptop computers security. Ordinary antivirus solutions are not able to detect it, because it gets loaded before Windows operating system. Althought it targets financial institutions, almost nobody is safe from it.

Best antivirus for Windows 10
Since internet is teeming with harmful software codes for Windows operating systems, there are also a wide range of antivirus solutions available. However, all of them do not offer the same level of protection and that is why experts of independent research agency AV-TEST decided to put them to the test. They tested most popular antivirus solutions available under operating system Windows 10.

uTorrent installing program for mining crypto currencies
uTorrent is a software for file sharing over P2P networks and is very simple to use. It consumes a negligible amount of hard drive and memory in operation, yet offers all the functionality of the classic torrent client.

CIA against cyber crime
Imagination of online criminals knows no bounds and often even seems that they are at least one step ahead. This is especially true in the area of ​​state institutions and high-tech companies who are from day to day more besieged by cybercriminals. This is also the reason why the CIA began to implement the biggest restructuring in its history, by which it will respond to the challenges of our time and the Internet.

First pirate app on Windows Store!
Microsoft recently found itself in a precarious position, as users of Windows Store disclosed pirated version of the mobile game Darkest Dungeon.

NSA software in hard drives discovered!
Many current affairs related to espionage of US National Security Agency NSA (National Security Agency) have clearly shown that its agents could without any major problems intrude into virtually all cloud services and devices that are present on the market.

Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader hacked
Smart mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S5 impressed a lot of users with the fingerprint reader, as it simplifies unlocking of mobile device as other mobile software, such as PayPal. Unfortunately, this type of sign in is far from safe, as the researchers of security company Security Research Labs managed in just a few days to discover a way to outsmart Samsung security system. For it is sufficient only to have a scanner, laser printer with high resolution, low-cost equipment for the production of print circuits and 30 minutes.