Prototype of tablet PC iPad Pro 13 with MacOS X

by Tony Hill on February 21, 2014

At the end of last year, web rumors were that Apple will soon offer for sale tablet PC iPad with 12.9 inch screen. While for a larger tablet we will need to wait until at least April, for the enthusiasts, the Italian company SET Solution prepared tablet iPad, which is based on operating system MacOS X. The novelty is equipped with 13 inch touchscreen, and you can easily connect it wirelessly with the computer keyboard and mouse.

Since the prototype of Tablet PC iPad Pro 13 from SET Solution is "running" Apple MacOS X operating system, these tablet can easily take the place of a personal computer. Although the novelty is in terms of usability exceptionally interesting, many experts believe that Apple will not install MacOS X system on iPad this tablet, but iOS 8. In Apple are in fact still convinced that the worlds of mobile and traditional computing systems are completely different, which in turn means that it is necessary to provide users with two different user experience.

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