Half billion downloads for Line app
Japanese mobile app for sending text messages and making calls, named Line, is quickly gaining new users, because of its versatility and ease of use. It was downloaded more than 500 million times on Google Play. Users are installing it on smart mobile phones and also tablet computers with mobile operating system Android.

Opera Mobile with free VPN
Although Opera web browser does not have much support between users of laptop and desktop computers, its mobile version is much more popular. This shows the fact, that users of mobile version are growing every month. Opera for iOS recently got even better, as it became reacher for built-in VPN connection.

Most users quickly lose interest in installing mobile apps
Analyst Andrew Chen of Silicon Valley analytical company recently made an interesting research about how quickly users of mobile devices lose interest in installing mobile apps. 77 percent of surveyed users lost interest in installing mobile apps 72 hours after they bought mobile phone or tablet pc. Even more interesting is information, how quickly users lose interest in using installed mobile apps.

Windows 10 Mobile store full of fake apps
Sales of Windows Phones has returned to a level at third quarter of 2012. Microsoft achieved best sales in last quarter of 2014, when they managed to sell 10.5 millions of Lumia devices. Additional issue for Microsoft also presents a lot of fake apps in their smart phone store Windows 10 Mobile.

New Google Maps can predict driving destination
Google has pleased users of smart phones and tablets Android with new release of Google Maps for mobile devices, which brings new feature called "driving mode". This feature collects data about our location and search queries in Google. When activated, it automatically suggests destination, users just have to confirm it, if it is correct. New Maps also show traffic data in real time and expected arrival depending on the traffic situation.

Facebook Messenger now with video calls
At the end of last July, Facebook realized a decision made some time ago to completely disable the ability to send instant messages to other users from its main mobile app. Users can now do that only by using Facebook's mobile application Messenger, which has long been offered as a substitute for other similar services such as WhatsApp and Viber. Facebook is still informing its users about this change by notices in the application and by e-mail.

Nokia HERE for iOS available
Due to the overwhelming success of the navigation system Nokia HERE among users of smart phones and tablets Android, programmers of the Finnish company decided to prepare it also for Apple's mobile devices.

Android for Work for Developers
Google began the development of mobile operating system Android, which will be devoted to business environment. The idea is based on the concept of two strictly separate user profiles, with the one intended solely for the performance of business activities and the other for private use.

Google disabled advanced encryption in Android 5.0
Last year Google pleasantly surprised with presentation of mobile operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop and one of the main assets of novelty was undoubtedly default data encryption. A new feature of encryption was implemented in a manner that neither Google programs had access to data, as information on cloud was also stored in encrypted form. Google recently decided to disable default encryption.

Google announces Android Pay
Apple's mobile payment service Apple Pay immediately convinced many, because in less than 72 hours more than one million Americans connected it with their credit cards, which far exceeded the most optimistic predictions of international experts on mobile payment systems.