New Viber app for Windows 10
Web service Viber with 754 million users is becoming popular like Skype, as it enables free telephone conversations, sending SMS messages, redirecting calls from computer to mobile device and vice versa, showing notifications in real time in popup windows, smileys and even group messaging. Viber recently became even more interesting, as it got full support for Windows 10.

Microsoft with new digital assistant
Year 2016 is obviously a year of digital assistants, as all major big tech companies are looking for ways to improve their digital assistants. First to step on the scene, were two developers of Siri, by introducing digital assistant of the future named Viv, which is based on artificial intelligence. It will be able to understand far more complex demands and also successfully colaborate with other utilities.

Windows 10 almost number one in Denmark
Danish have shown from the early beginning that they are big supporters of Windows 10. In the first 40 days of its availability, it was installed on 1.5 percent of all computers in Denmark. In November that number grew to 20.6 percent, which surprised even the biggest experts. Five months later, Windows 10 is not far from becoming leading Microsoft system in Denmark.

Microsoft completely messed up with artificial intelligence Tay AI
Microsoft is still in the center of attention because of the shame caused by artificial intelligence Tay AI, which was attacking users of Twitter with hate speech. Unsuccessful attempt also made a lot of work to employees of Microsoft, as they have been deleting comments on Twitter, which are unacceptable and offensive, for days. Number of all Tweets were around 100.000.

Microsoft Edge with support for Chrome extensions
Edge is newest browser from Microsoft that replaced old and not too popular Internet Explorer. Despite of its many novelties and improvements, a lot of Windows 10 users are still not using it and even those who were, are giving up. This is why Microsoft programmers are preparing a solution that could reverse this negative trend.

New Skype with serious problems
Microsoft recently offered new version of Skype ( for Windows operating systems. Novelty eliminated numerous security and functional defects of its predecessor, but users were not overly satisfied. New Skype has in fact brought new malfunctions, that made many users angry.

How to remove default applications from Windows 10
Windows 10 is among users very popular also because Microsoft added a lot of default apps that ease daily tasks. Because all this apps are not necessary and because mainly mobile devices does not have enough disk space, users are trying to remove these apps without prominent success. Removing default app from Windows 10 is anything but easy, since slightly more advanced computer skills are necessary for this task.

Small innovations that enrich Windows 10
Here are some interesting new features in Windows 10.

How to upgrade to Windows 10
Microsoft recently announced the hardly anticipated operating system Windows 10, which combines all the benefits of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It is available for free or for purchase in 190 countries worldwide and has been translated in all major languages. Among advantages are Start menu, Cortana for desktop, browser Edge, better graphical interface and improved Command Prompt. It is available free of charge to licensed users of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Testers, for a period of one year.

Microsoft Edge - new browser for Windows 10
Microsoft Edge is a new browser, that will take place of Internet Explorer in Windows 10. It brings a lot of innovations. Among them are possibility of importing bookmarks from competitive browsers, new darker skin, different options for opening web browser, new way of opening tabs, refurbished password manager and drag and drop feature for tabs.