Jailbreak for iOS 7

by Tony Hill on December 23, 2013

Three months after the release of a new version of Apple's mobile operating system iOS 7, we finally got the first untethered jailbreak, that enables to owners of iPhone devices(all versions), iPod touch, iPad and the iPad Mini(officially on versions iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.4 and also users of iOS 7.1 beta 2) to obtain full control of the device.

Jailbreak was brought by the group evasi0n, which also issued several jailbreaks for previous versions. The process is relatively simple and fast, it takes about five minutes. Searching for vulnerabilities in iOS that can be used to jailbreak, is becoming increasingly difficult. While we waited for the for the first iPhones few days or weeks, this time is getting longer. For the iPhone 4S, we waited almost 100 days, for the iPhone 5 four months and when they predicted half-year wait for iPhone 5S, this seemed quite logical. Now, however, we have lived to see it before that time. Apple officially says, they do not publish a fix to disable a particular jailbreak, but every next version of iOS, of course, fixes discovered holes, thereby disabling the jailbreak.

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