iOS 9 Rumors

by Tony Hill on February 11, 2015

At the beginning of last December, first rumors emerged about the upcoming smartphone Apple iPhone 6S, which is likely to be for sale in the first half of this year.

Enthusiasts from TechNews portal have acquired information from reliable sources close to the company Apple, that novelty will be equipped with as many as double the amount of system memory compared to its predecessor. The new iPhone is expected to be equipped with two gigabyte of system memory LPDDR4, which will speed up phone operation.

This time, in online media also emerged information about the upcoming mobile operating system iOS9. It will not bring major changes unlike previous versions did, since Apple's programmers focused on eliminating errors and increasing operational stability.

In addition to software bugs, programmers of Apple have further improved performance and reduced the overall space required for installation of the new mobile iOS, which is especially problematic with iPhone's with 16 gigabytes of space. iOS 9 should be available in June.

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