iOS 8.2 available

by Tony Hill on March 11, 2015

Apple's operating system iOS 8 has in comparison with previous versions, caused a greater number of difficulties to users. One of the biggest reasons were radical changes that have been made in Apple, with the aim to offer developers more options for integration of mobile applications in the functioning of the new iOS. At the presentation, Apple stressed that in the iOS 8 is a similar level of modernization than in 2008, when they presented App Store.

New version of mobile operating system iOS 8.2 eliminates many shortcomings of previous versions and brings new features. Among the latter are full support for Apple's smart Watch and functions for automatic units selection of temperature, length, weight, height and similar.

Apple programmers also improved stability of operation in new version and ensured better connection between mobile devices and peripherals. A complete list of changes can be found at this address

iOS 8 mobile operating system update can be installed by all users of smart phones iPhone 4S and latter. It is also available to all users of iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

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