How to unlock files that were encrypted with TeslaCrypt

by Tony Hill on January 30, 2016

By the end of last year, a new version of ransom malware TeslyCrypt 2.0 was released. It spreads mainly through email and masks itself as totally innocent message. It encrypts files on victims computers and demands ransom in virtual monetary currency bitcoin.

While in the past, a payment of 2.5 bitcoins or $550 USD was almost inevitable, as files were practicaly impossible to decrypt without paying a ransom, today it is not so anymore.

A new software was created, named Tesla Viewer, which enables us to get part of the key, that was used to encrypt files, for free. Than we can use TeslaRefactor to calculate whole key for decryption. Calculation can last from minutes to days, but this is negligible by the fact that by this process, we get data back.

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