Google announces Android Pay

by Tony Hill on March 3, 2015

Apple's mobile payment service Apple Pay immediately convinced many, because in less than 72 hours more than one million Americans connected it with their credit cards, which far exceeded the most optimistic predictions of international experts on mobile payment systems.

Nevertheless, Google decided for slightly different approach, with which it should be easy to convince both users of mobile operating system Android as well as users of iOS. Google prepared a system that will allow all users who possess mobile phones with NFC contactless system to pay for goods and services.

Android Pay will essentially operate in the same way as a digital wallet, which means that it will be directly related to users account. New payment system will also be connected with Google's Host Card Emulation (HCE), which will enable the connection of new payment services with existing solutions.

Google will reveale Android Pay payment service at the conference Google I/O, which will be held in May. New service will likely be offered to public use at the end of this summer.

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