Google announced the end of passwords

by Tony Hill on December 26, 2015

Since stealing of passwords can not be prevented even by using advanced security mechanisms such as firewalls, antivirus solutions and similar, people at Google believe, that they are no longer suitable for identification and access to stored data and online services. So, it is not surprising that its engineers, prepared the first version of open source standard, that will forever eliminate the need to use traditional passwords. It is an open-source standard Google FIDO (Fast Online Identification), which is currently supported by as many as 16 manufacturers worldwide (AMD, Microsoft, VISA, Lenovo, PayPal and others) and 36 products.

It seems that new technology is almost ready for everyday use, since Google engineers are in collaboration with Tech Crunch developing a new technology for signing in without passwords. When the user, for example, wants to sign in with Google Account, they will enter email address and receive an email or a notice of attempted sign in and be also notified by phone. Users will respond to notifications with "yes" or "no". If a user will respond positively, they will be automatically signed in to their Google Account. If everything goes well, this system will be available to ordinary users by the end of 2016.

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