Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader hacked

by Tony Hill on April 18, 2014

Smart mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S5 impressed a lot of users with the fingerprint reader, as it simplifies unlocking of mobile device as other mobile software, such as PayPal. Unfortunately, this type of sign in is far from safe, as the researchers of security company Security Research Labs managed in just a few days to discover a way to outsmart Samsung security system. For it is sufficient only to have a scanner, laser printer with high resolution, low-cost equipment for the production of print circuits and 30 minutes.

Researchers of security company Security Research Labs say that it is even easier to fool fingerprint reader on mobile Samsung Galaxy S5, than the reader of Apple's smartphone Apple iPhone 5S. Attacker must of course know which finger the user uses for signing in and must obtain a thumbprint, which in practice is not as simple as for example in a laboratory environment. Nevertheless, all current and future users of Samsung Galaxy mobile phone S5 are advised not to use fingerprint to log into sensitive software such as PayPal.

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