First pirate app on Windows Store!

by Tony Hill on February 26, 2015

Microsoft recently found itself in a precarious position, as users of Windows Store disclosed pirated version of the mobile game Darkest Dungeon.

On top of this it was not even free, because users have to pay $4 for it. Users of mobile devices Windows Phone informed programmer of the game itself through the use of social network Twitter.

It was clear from a number of "warning" signs, that this version of Darkest Dungeon is pirated version. These game can not be purchased for less than $23.50 and the size of the controversial game was less than two megabytes. Game had some sort of spyware that attempted to obtain information of a confidential nature from user.

That mobile game Darkest Dungeon is not all right, it was also clear from the description of the game, because it was only available in "broken" English, in addition there was also "wrong" author, namely Balaji Chowdary instead of Red Hook Studios.

Microsoft has of course removed the game from Windows Store. At the same time, users were warned of possibility of the emergence of new fakes, so extra caution is advised.

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