Apple with streaming multimedia content

by Tony Hill on March 7, 2015

Apple is supposed to be ready to start offering streaming multimedia content to end users. They will offer both online music and video content. This service is expected to be presented to the general public in early June at their annual development conference WWDC.

For audio content, Apple is supposed to take knowledge of its subsidiary Beats Music and for video content is expected to conclude the agreement on cooperation with media house HBO.

Apple will include support for use of streaming multimedia content in the upcoming mobile operating system iOS 8.4, which should be available in June. The novelty of course will not be free, but in the form of monthly subscription. For audio content users should be charged a monthly fee of $7, while for video $15.

Undoubtedly interesting is also information that Apple is developing client service for Android mobile platform, which is most likely to be used only for music content and with monthly fee payment.

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