Apple watch

by Tony Hill on April 24, 2013

Rumors about watch that the journalists quickly dubbed iWatch, never seize. They have started with the iPod Nano which with Apple's blessing turned into a smart clock on 2011. Then the interests in technology products, which we carry, increased from month to month.

Since Jobses death, Apple has not come up with anything groundbreaking, so it is obvious that something is brewing in Cupertino. The opinion of majority relies on smart watch. It should have a curved screen, sensitive to touch, and advanced connection to other Apple's devices. Since also in Microsoft, Google, LG and Samsung are playing with the idea, Apple harnessed hundred employees to the project. Customer interest is high, judging by the polls, one fifth of the respondents would bought one today, so the clock will probably saw the light of the day before the end of the year.

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