App to see radiation around us

by Tony Hill on December 2, 2015

We now all use smart phones and other electronic devices with wireless connections, because they allow us to do a lot of useful things. Because of their extreme popularity, the question was raised, whether their use is detrimental to our health. There have already been several studies regarding to their potential harmfulness, but a credible answer still does not exist.

Dutch designer Richard Vijgen embarked the "problem" of radiation on a slightly different way. He made a mobile app, that shows real-time radiation sources and their radiation through space. Although this is only for simulation, which is based on a mathematical, physical and other findings, the display is relatively accurate and extremely realistic.

If this app has convinced you, you can download it for your iOS device from the following link. It is unfortunately not free, since you will have to pay $2.99 USD for it.

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