Another upgrade for iOS9

by Tony Hill on October 2, 2015

Programmers of iOS 9 have in the preparation of the first upgrade 9.0.1 made too many mistakes and thus exposed users to a number of threats. Among all, is by far the most dangerous vulnerability which allows the hacker to unlock a locked mobile phone in a very simple way and thus access the confidential data. Vulnerable iOS can be unlocked by first entering four wrong PIN numbers, and then pressing and holding the Home button in order to call up the digital assistant Siri. You can then access the contacts, short messages, photos and many other information.

All the vulnerabilities of iOS 9.0.1 are supposed to be repaired in version 9.0.2, which is already available for download. New update, which has about 72 megabytes and in addition to screen unlock vulnerability, contains additional corrections that allow to turn off data traffic for messaging program iMessage and iCloud. Updated version of the mobile operating system iOS 9.0.2 is available for download to all users of smart mobile phones iPhone, iPad tablets and portable media players iPod Touch. The installation itself lasts only a few minutes.

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