Android for Work for Developers

by Tony Hill on March 5, 2015

Google began the development of mobile operating system Android, which will be devoted to business environment. The idea is based on the concept of two strictly separate user profiles, with the one intended solely for the performance of business activities and the other for private use.

With new approach, Google wants to allow easy coexistence of two sections, where basic sets of smartphone or tablet would be the same. This should be accomplished with a different description of icons of programs, such as "Work Mail", "Work Chrome" and the like.

For this purpose, Google will create new mobile version of software, which will be available for download on Google Play. This will greatly simplify work of system administrators, as they will have management of availability of individual applications, shopping larger number of licenses, easier distribution of programs and much more.

For preparation of innovation Google has already connected with leading companies, such as SAP, Citrix, Samsung, Sony, Box and Adobe, so you can expect a novelty on the market before the end of this summer.

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