64-bit Chrome for Mac OS X

by Tony Hill on August 31, 2014

Google has recently delighted all who use 64-bit Windows operating systems, because they finally produced the first 64-bit version of web browser Chrome. A new feature is available for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8, and has the full benefit from all the advantages of the newer 64-bit processors. Now it is extremely interesting that Google Chrome 37 is also available for users of Apple's desktop and laptop computers Mac, driving the newer 64-bit operating systems Mac OS X.

The new 64-bit web browser Google Chrome is definitely worth to install on Apple's Mac OS X, since it is on average a quarter more powerful compared to the 32-bit version. Moreover, it brings new security features to reduce the possibility of infection by malicious code and increases the reliability of its operation. The new 64-bit web browser Google Chrome 37 is unfortunately necessary to install manually, since the update is not automatic. The installation file is available here.

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